Step by Step Guide

We are here to get you on the road driving safely as quickly and easily as possible! So to help you navigate your way through the licensing process we have a guide to make sure you get all your bases covered!

1. Pick a Course

See our course dates to choose a class that works for you.

Weekend courses- run for 2 consecutive weekends.

Holiday Courses run 4 consecutive days.

Register online or by phone.

Information you will need to register:

  • Students Name
  • Student DOB
  • Parent Name (if applicable)
  • Address, phone number and email

That was easy, you’re all registered. Thank you for choosing Gear Up!

You will receive a receipt via email after a successful registration.

Please feel free to call, text or email in advance if you have any requests that we can accommodate to allow for the student to learn more effectively and/or feel more at ease about this new endeavour.

2. Complete 20 Hrs of In Class

Om the first day of class, come on over to the Elgin Business Resource Centre: 300 South Edgeware Road, St Thomas on the day of your registered course 9am and please come around to the rear of the building where you will see our private entrance

Pay remaining balance due

What the student will need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • G1 license
  • Method of payment for balance due
  • Money for lunch if you wish – Tim Hortons is a short walk away
  • Drivers handbooks are available to the students at the school. It is not required that you bring one.

3. Complete All In Car Lessons

You can’t get rid of us that quick!

The completion of the 10 hours in car does not automatically allow for the student to take the G2 test. It is not a requirement of Gear Up but rather a requirement of the Ministry of Transportation that a new driver MUST WAIT 8 MONTHS before testing for their G2. Here at Gear Up we prefer to schedule all in car lessons right up to the date the student becomes eligible to take their test.

4. Schedule a time to take your G2 Test

If you would like your instructor to take you for your G2 test, we offer:

The Gold and Platinum Packages:

  • One Hour Lesson before your test.
  • Use of a Company Vehicle.
  • Provide Transportation to and from the London and/or Tillsonburg Drive Test Centres (Be sure to confirm a date with your instructor before booking test).

To book an appointment you will need:

  • Your drivers license number
  • Drivers license expiry date

Location options:

  • London, Ontario
  • Tillsonburg, Ontario
  • Woodstock, Ontario
  • Chatham, Ontario
*(Instructors will only accommodate London and Tillsonburg G2 Drive Test center appointments.)

Schedule test:

Drive Test