Course Information

Beginner Driver Education Course

Age 15½ and older

Our BDE Course Exceeds MTO Standards.

Our course drives an emphasis on the prevention of distracted driving while incorporating awareness on the efforts of local campaigns for safer roads within our community.

Consisting of:

  • 20 hours in class
  • 10 hours homelink (homework)
  • 10 in car lessons
  • Total 40 hours as per MTO requirements
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In Class lessons

In Class lessons

  • JETALA Curriculum
  • Interactive with incorporation of group work
  • One 10 minute break
  • 30 minute lunch break

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In Car lessons

In car lessons

Student will be assigned to an instructor only after obtaining their G-1 permit and successfully passing our course. You can schedule your in car lessons in the Student Portal. All in car lessons are done with company vehicles. They all have an automatic transmission. Pick-up and drop-off for car lessons can be chosen in the Student Portal.

In-Car Lessons are individual, and FREE Home pick up and drop off (within city limits).

Graduates of our Beginner Driver Education Program may qualify for substantial automobile insurance discounts. No other driving school program offers a bigger discount. An electronic Graduation Certificate issued by the Ontario Government will be available from MTO for submission to your insurance company for a discounted rate!

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Upon completing your in-car training , please visit the Drive Test Center's website to book your road test. Your G-1 Permit Fees include your first road test and a 5 year pre-paid driving permit. Though your driver education course does not include your road test, please call us if you need some review lessons.

When you have successfully passed your G1 exit test, you must now visit Service Ontario and ask for your Driver History Report. This is the official document that your insurance company requires for your discount. This validates that you took a ministry approved driver education program with an authorized school. (commonly called a certificate)

MISSING OF CLASSROOM & CAR INSTRUCTION LESSONS – It is your responsibility to make sure Gear Up Driver Education Academy Ltd. is notified 24 hours in advance of any cancelled car lessons.

Note: For the Express package, please notify us 48 hours in advance for any cancelled car lessons.

This can be done via the Student Portal.
If there is an emergency, we must be notified by phone (519-317-8940) before 7:00 a.m. so that the instructor can be reached.

Classroom Sessions which are missed will have to be made-up before you can move to the behind the wheel portion. It is your responsibility to attend the missed classroom sessions during the next driver education course. Missed car driving lessons which have not been cancelled 24 hours in advance will have to be made-up and an extra charge of $50.00 per hour session will be assessed for extra lessons.

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