Can I register for the beginner driver education course before obtaining my G1 license? 

Of course! And in fact here at Gear Up we encourage it! Taking the course in advance does seem to greatly aid students in passing their G1 test. It also allows for more flexibility when scheduling in car lessons with instructors! On top of all of this, there is incentive to register before writing your G1 test – our squad special. Get a group of friends together and enjoy a discounted price!

I have made a deposit on a course but can no longer make it to those dates, what do I do? 

Give us a call, text or email! We are more than willing to facillitate a transfer to any class that works for you with no additional fees!

*Please note that course transfers exclude deposits on courses that are being offered at a discounted price due to a running special*

How fast can I get my in car lessons completed?

The speed at which you complete your in car lessons will not speed up when you can take your G2 test. There is a eight month wait period from the date of G1 issue to when you can get test for your G2 provided you have completed drivers ed. (There is a 12 month wait period for those with out certification). Due to this we HIGHLY recommend spreading out in car lessons over the eight months so the student is receiving training right up to the day of their G2 test.

What information do I need to provide my insurance company with?

 You will need:

    1) Your certificate from Gear Up Academy

    2) Driver’s History Report – available at Service Ontario for $12 (this is now the regulations and is considered your “certificate”  It also serves to prove that you have taken a Ministry Approved Driver Ed Program from a licensed provider)

    Service Ontario


      417 Wellington Street

      St Thomas, ON

      N5R 6G2

Can  I have an instructor do a lesson with me in the vehicle I am taking my test in? 

No,  under no circumstance will an employee of Gear Up Academy instruct a student in any car other than a company vehicle.

School buses have been cancelled today. Do I still have my scheduled in car lesson?

No. In almost all cases if buses are cancelled, so are we! However, Always contact your driver instructor directly to confirm.

Do in car lessons provide me with experience of highway driving and city driving? 

Yes! Here at Gear Up we have many routes you will cover with your in car instructor which include time on the 401 and driving in London.

Please note that the instructor reserves the right to alter routes covered in accordance to the students’ capbility of safe driving.

Have more questions? Please ask and we will get back to you promptly!

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